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Art, Screen Printing and Graphic Design- Frequently Asked Questions


Do I own the design with a paid art charge?
No. Art fees are a service charge or usage license for that particular order. Special arrangements may be made to transfer ownership upon your request. Limited reproduction rights might be granted for a specific purpose at no cost.

Who retains rights to the custom graphic design?
Gary Zuyus retains all the rights to the graphic design artwork created. The paid art fees give permission for use on the apparel printed for you. Customers may reuse the graphics with the artist's (Gary Zuyus) permission in other mediums.

How big will my graphic be on the back?
A typical back imprint is 13 inches wide & 16 inches tall, A maximum width of 15 inches & max height of 18 inches can be accommodated. Special sizing can be offered on a case by case basis.

May I change my artwork?
Yes. Several color proofs may be needed to finalize your order. Art charges may apply depending on the requested revisions. This is usually done via e-mail.

Can I bring you my own artwork?
Yes, all types of art are welcome and many designs brought in from clients have been printed. Some provided art is not useable and may need to be recreated.


Can I get a color proof?
Yes, clients will see a pre-press color rendering of the artwork for final approval before starting the printing of the job. A proof will show dimensions, colors and position on your individual order. For convenience, emailed proofs work very well for customers out of our local area.

How is artwork cost calculated?
Art fees are calculated by time spent on the creation process.

Can you get the idea out of my head?
Yes, when the right questions are answered. Often the process starts off with simple black & white sketches. Over 20 years experience in illustration and design ensure that your ideas become a success.

Can you print only one shirt or provide an actual sample?
No, we do not print single t-shirts. The time involved in setting up the press is cost prohibitive. Under certain circumstances, a sample is possible, but may incur an additional fee.

Can you print on children's T-shirts?
Yes, we commonly print on a wide range of apparel as small as infant onesies on up to the Youth XL.

Can I have different colored shirts?

Yes, as long as the order is for the 4 dozen minimum of the same print, the order can contain different colors and styles of apparel. Your design can be mechanically setup to print on light and dark fabrics within the same run. There are times art is specifically designed for a certain color of shirt. If it is decided to print this design on another color of shirt, it may be necessary to amend the art and separations, and add more screens.

Can I have different shirt sizes and styles (t-s, tanks, ladies shirts, sweatshirts)?
Yes, you can mix and match shirt sizes and styles within the same order, as long as the order is for the 4 dozen minimum of the same design. The dimensions of the image may limit the sizes of items that can be printed on, as a large design may not fit on child size or certain ladies styles

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, on multi-color prints, the minimum order is 4 dozen.

How much does it cost for artwork?
Typically art fees are assessed by time spent on the creative process. The fewer hours used on revisions, changes and multiple color comps, the lower your art cost. Typical art fees for simple designs can range from $100 up to $300. Complex and custom illustrations may range from $350 to $800 for a one time art charge.

How long does it typically take for my order to be printed?
Once you have approved final color proof, placed your apparel order and have paid the deposit, anticipate your order to be out on the presses, boxed and ready for delivery in 10-13 business days. * Under certain circumstances we can accommodate deadline emergencies & shorter lead times, upon approval. Assorted specialty items ( glassware, imprinted plastics & trinkets etc. ) may need much longer lead times, 2-4 weeks on certain products. You will be informed of these turn-around times before placing an order.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a process of mechanically shearing inks through a framed stencil that’s adhered to a mesh material. This process allows the possibility of printing on most fabrics available, including ridged materials. Compared to other printing processes, screen printing is the best method for flexibility and long-term durability. Screen printing can also be advantageous if you are looking for very bright or neon colors to be printed.

Why Screen fees? Screen fees are necessary for several reasons. The first reason is the fact that there are expenses in preparing screens. The screens, emulsion, ink, film, tape, and chemicals used for cleaning all add up. Secondly, exposing screens properly is vital to achieving quality prints. Exposing screens is time consuming and very similar to developing film. The screens are prepared in a darkroom and must not see light or the screens may be compromised. Finally, each color in the design requires a separate screen that needs to line up perfectly with all of the other colors in the design to achieve superior prints. This process is also very tedious, but necessary in the screen printing process.

Will my screens be held indefinitely?
No, the screens will be held for 1 year. However if the client re-orders within 1 year, the screens will be kept. After 1 year without a re-order, the stencils will be removed and will incur new screen charges upon re-order.

ARTWORK APPROVAL: The customer must approve the final artwork design for custom printed orders before production will begin. Proofs will be made available in electronic and/or hard copy versions. Once approved by the customer Gary Zuyus will not be responsible for any real or perceived flaws in the design as applied to the garment.This means that if you approve the artwork and the design is applied it to the garment the way you approved it, Gary Zuyus is not responsible for any omissions, spelling, composition or other design errors.

Do you price artwork by color?
A multi-colored design will be priced by creation time plus materials ( film postives ). Custom artwork can be more affordable with some prior planning. Gather together any references and finalize your thoughts or ideas as much as possible for a smooth and efficient creative process.


There are so many other questions that will not be discussed here, but listed below are some basics to give you a better idea of how copyrights are misunderstood and what they actually do. Doing more research and getting more detailed information will make you an informed and well educated client. A knowledgeable client is a happy client that we look forward to working with on future projects.

Who owns the physical items needed to print a shirt?
After having discussed the ownership rights of the actual artwork we now divert our attention to who owns the actual separations, computer graphics and screens. The artist, Gary Zuyus, would be the owner for all the preparatory work and materials that are associated with creating T-shirts for any job. The screens, film positives, and computer files all fall under the ownership rights in this manufacturing process. Setup costs do not give the customer the right to ownership of the screens, the actual film separations or the actual computer graphic files. The setup fees only cover the disposable materials and labor involved in a printing job. Understanding these rights and ownerships in our creative process is our utmost goal.

Who actually owns the artwork created?
When a free lancer does artwork for you, you've paid the artist for the time he or she spent creating this artwork. You now own the artwork, right? Wrong. "Under the copyright law, the creator of the original expression in a work is its author. The author is also the owner of copyright unless there is a written agreement by which the author assigns the copyright to another person or entity. Unless the artist signs an agreement that specifically states the transfer of his ownership of the artwork to you, they still retain the rights to the artwork even though you paid them to create it. The cost for ownership and reproduction rights of the artwork is much higher than simply paying for the time the artist spent creating the artwork.

Do I have to register a copyright?

The new artwork is inherently protected by the Copyright Law the instant it is created. Artwork created does not have to actually be registered with the Copyright Office to retain it’s implied protections, however it can come in extremely helpful in a situation where a copyright infringement suit goes to court. "Registration “ is recommended for a number of reasons. Many clients choose to buy from Gary Zuyus the created works' ownership and apply for proper registration.

What is a copyright?

Copyright as defined at the official copyright web site is as follows: "Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed.

Copyrights - Artwork Ownership?
The whole copyright issue can be a very touchy issue with a lot of people, but it really is not that difficult to understand. Many clients have a great misunderstanding about who actually owns artwork created. By understanding what the Copyright Law actually says you can educate yourself and secure your creative products. It is these misunderstandings that really can create problems for the client, artist, and printer. You can visit the official U.S. government web site on copyrighting. This online resource contains a lot of information you’ll need to know about this important facet of your business.

PROTECTED ARTWORK: The customer placing any order is absolutely responsible for obtaining permission from the owners and or copyright or trademark holders to use logos or other protected artwork in designs submitted to Gary Zuyus or commissioned to be created by Gary Zuyus. By submitting art, text or logos - or by asking to create artwork - you are explicitly accepting all responsibility for any copyright or trademark infringement that may occur from the use of that art. Artwork of questionable ownership will require a signature release.